General information how to start using Flash Payments API


The examples below assume you are a verified customer of Flash Payments and have been enabled for API access.

GraphQL Playground

All the GraphQL queries can be sent via the GraphQL Playground or as a HTTP POST request to Example:

curl -X POST '' \
-H 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN' \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-d '{
       quote(input: {
         fromCurrency: AUD, toCurrency: USD, size: 9.9, currency: AUD
         bid ask symbol timestamp inverted

All the responses are JSON and have at least one property data and optional property errors.

  "data": { ... },
  "errors": [ ... ]


In GraphQL Playground query editor press Cmd+Space or Ctrl+Space or Opt+Space or Alt+Space or Shift+Space to show context help and possible options.

Some of the GraphQL query parameters are required, others are optional. To understand if a variable/property is required you would need to check the API schema.

  • Go to the GraphQL Playground and click the button "DOCS" on the right.

  • Browse through queries, mutations, input and output types. Find a variable/property which have an exclamation mark at the end. E.g. fromCurrency: FromCurrency!.

  • The exclamation mark denotes that the variable/property is mandatory.

Data cleansing is your responsibility

Do not ever send us "N/A" or "NA" or "NULL" or "null" or "nil" or any other dummy string values in any of the API fields.

The user-agent HTTP header

It is a good idea to always send custom user-agent HTTP header value when doing requests to Flash Payments API. Here is why:

  • In case of troubleshooting we will be able to trace and mitigate your support questions faster.

  • You might be blocked by our automated firewall if your user agent is something generic like curl, Java-http-client, python-requests, Ruby, etc.

429 Too many requests

Our API have smart monitoring. It might temporary block your IP address if it thinks you are abusing the system. There are many various scenarios when you can be blocked, but we won't going to disclose them at any point of time due to security reasons.

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