CRUD queries for Institutions

Instructing Institution

Institution entity is a piece of information about the party who instructed you to make the withdrawal. This data is important for compliance within Australia. This is not the sender. If there is no other institution who has instructed this withdrawal, leave this blank and your own details will be used for compliance and auditing purposes.

Creating institutions

  • via Flash Connect (you can copy an ID of an existing Institution).

  • via API by invoking createInstitution mutation.

  • by providing instructingInstitution object into createWithdrawal mutation.

Please avoid creating multiple Institutions for the same organisation because they are used for compliance reporting and subject to review.

Before creating or updating an institution we will try to find an existing one by:

  • By instructingInstitution.externalId

  • By instructingInstitution.businessNumber AND

  • By instructingInstitution.legalName AND

Creating institution example

mutation {
    input: {
      legalName: "Intermediate Institution Ltd"
      businessNumber: "A39477669937"
      address: {
        postcode: "2000"
        street: "203 Business Street"
        country: AU
        state: "NSW"
        suburb: "Sydney"
  ) {
    institution {

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