Send funds

To make a payment from AUD to another currency you need to execute the createPayment mutation as below.

Note you must have an AUD balance in your account to make an outbound AUD payment.

mutation {
    input: {
      fromCurrency: AUD
      toCurrency: USD
      size: 1000
      currency: AUD
      reason: BUSINESS
      sourceOfFunds: BUSINESS_FUNDS
      externalReference: "my ref 221b"
      senderId: "6092360ae40e2cfb52f85be1"
      recipientId: "5ba89a6b35a2b327b81ffc3b"
      externalId: "12344321"
      idempotencyKey: "12344321"
  ) {
    payment {


You should pre-create recipients and send us their ID.

We are legally obliged to collect the actual beneficiary details. Please, do not send us an intermediate organisation details such as exchanges, banks, gateways, etc.

Please, send us the final funds recipient. If sending to self then please provide your own details. See the DOCS in Playground for other recipient details options.

Callback (aka Webhook) URI

We recommend against continuous polling for payment status changes. Instead, please use callbackUri.

The optional callbackUri will be invoked several times during the processing of a payment. These callbacks will usually occur soon (within several seconds) after the initial create payment call - but may be delayed in some cases. The example JSON payloads can be found on the Webhooks page.

Please note that toAmount (or fromAmount) and other fluctuating payment properties can change during payment execution.

Security note

The callback (aka webhook) endpoint URI can be invoked by anyone in the internet. Thus opening up a potential attack vector. See Webhooks page to secure your data properly.

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